S01E05 - No Rice, No Spice

Preference. It’s the word people use to describe the sorts of people they’re attracted to. How does race play a role in sexual attraction amongst gay men? And what does it really mean to have a preference for one race over another?

S01E04 - Eye of the Tiger

Tiger mums have been spoken about a lot in the media, the overbearing, controlling mother who wants straight A’s and musical prodigies. In this episode we’ll speak to a couple of kids of tiger mums, how it affected their life, and what they think of it now. And we’ll also talk to a tiger mum herself.

S01E03 - Diana Nguyen

A daughter of refugee parents from Vietnam, Diana sort of fell out and then back into celebrating her culture and heritage, and ended up creating a web series about her mum. In this episode, we explore what it's like growing up as the daughter of a single refugee mum, and why remembering our heritage so important.

S01E02 - Bobalicious

From just a couple of tea shops in Taiwan to a multi billion dollar industry. How did this seemingly simple drink become a worldwide phenomenon? And why do Asians have such an affinity to it? In this episode we explore the craze that is bubble tea.

S01E01 - Say My Name, Say My Name

What’s in a name? Particularly in Australia, having a distinctly foreign name has its positives and negatives, and I’ve always had this inkling that there’s a different way we think about names in Australia compared to Chinese culture in particular, but I could never quite put my finger on it. This episode we explore how this difference in names affects us.

Shoes Off is a new podcast that features stories about Asian Australian culture. It’s a celebration of what makes us unique and wonderful as Asians in Australia because we do not talk about our culture enough. There are so many stories out there, and I can’t wait to share them with you.